Maireid Sullivan


Let the Poets Sing!

Three continents - two people - one world
Songs, poetry and stories
of Irish - American - Australian heritage:

Maireid Sullivan and Ben Kettlewell

"A coming together
- a sharing from the heart."
Bobby Bunningurr,
Elder of the Maliburr tribe,
Arnhem Land, NT, Australia

"Sullivan is a highly regarded vocalist with a particular interest in exploring and sustaining the philosophical roots of Celtic culture. ...poetic originals and traditional gems with the ethereal voice and serene presence of a Celtic priestess ... remarkable... evocative..."
Don Heckman, Los Angeles Times

“ extended hymn to nature
and indigenous traditions,
across three continents.”
Rachael Kohn, ABC-RN, Australiia


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Philosophic Living
What does it mean to live
a philosopher’s life?
Or Plato’s ‘Good Life’?
Interviews with Maireid

"a rich, pure voice and a poet’s vision ... soothes & uplifts..."
Mike Daly, The Age, Australia

"Maireid Sullivan is a poet
and her voice is magic"
Marilyn Ferguson,
Brain/Mind Bulletin, Jan. 1996
(Author of the Aquarian Conspiracy, 1980)


“When you listen to Mairéid sing, you get the feeling that she dips into the well, as it were, to bring you back clear water. You take this gift and feel refreshed. There’s no doubt that the well she goes to lies deep within the Celtic lands, where she was born. The voice of ages comes to you, through her; pure and honest, adorned with her own distinctive timbre and delivery. It must have been, one day, on her way to that secret well that she met her magical accompanist, the guitarist Ben Kettlewell, a fellow traveller, also imbibing from the source. A man with musicality in his very blood, Ben Kettlewell plays with great sensitivity and brings an almost devotional quality to his accompaniments."
Saul Roche, Irish Australian writer, songwriter/poet, and musician


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based on Mairéid's 1999 book
"Celtic Women in Music"

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