Time after Time Original Soundtrack (2008)

1. Amergan 03:06
2. Song of the Wandering Angus 01:26
3. The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry 03:52
4. The Trooping Fairies 04:15
5. Verdant Braes of Skreen 06:01
6. Rocks of Bawn 04:52
7. Go from My Window 04:33
8. Waly Waly 03:50
9. Chief Seattle 01:37
10. In the Garden 03:37
11. Perquimans Lament 02:55
12. Painted Desert 05:56
13. Cherokee Greeting 04:30
14. Blackfoot Hawk 01:19
15. I Am a Rock 02:30
16. Colour Me 04:54
17. Crowfire 02:27
18. Feeling Wings 03:23
19. Never Drift Apart 04:06
20. Drift 02:47

Song lyrics, speeches and poetry....
The songs, speeches and poetry contained in the soundtrack of the film, Time after Time

The soundtrack features traditional and contemporary songs, poetry and prose with music composed by Mairéid Sullivan and Ben Kettlewell. All instrumental music composed and performed by Ben Kettlewell.

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The Song of the Wandering Angus
By William Butler Yeats

The Great Silkie of Sule Skerry
Traditional Melody attributed to James Waters
Arranged by Mairéid Sullivan and Ben Kettlewell

The Trooping Fairies
By William Butler Yeats

The Verdant Braes of Skreen
Traditional Irish song

Rocks of Bawn
Traditional Irish song

Go From My Window
Traditional English song

Waly Waly (The water is Wide)

Chief Seattle Speech (1854)
Chief of the Duwamish tribe

In The Garden
Hymn written by C.A. Miles

Address to William Henry Harrison, Governor of the Indiana Territory
(11 August 1810)

Chief Tecumseh, Shawnee Indian Tribe

Cherokee Traveler's Greeting
author unknown

I Am a Rock
By Mairéid Sullivan and R. “Cass” McEnte

Colour Me
By Mairéid Sullivan and Steve Wilson

Spoken Word
By Bobby Bunnungurr

Traditional Aboriginal song
sung by Michael Dawu

Feeling Wings
By Mairéid Sullivan

Never Drift Apart
By Mairéid Sullivan and Ben Kettlewell

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