produced by Donal Lunny (1994)

"Dancer , produced by the redoubtable Donal Lunny, adroitly balances tunes ancient and modern, filling the new with past cadences and the old with contemporary cues...a formidable ensemble that moves easily between folk, contemporary and classical genres ...irresistible...enchanting."
Mike Daly - The AGE, (Melbourne) Australia

"It is a recording with moments of utter beauty and layers of understated instrumentation. Maireid's distinctive voice weaves through the textures...had me humming for more than a week."
Graham McDonald - Canberra Times

"Yet another remarkable Australian-made record is Dancer  by Maireid Sullivan...the musicians include some of Australia's best....But it's Maireid Sullivan who takes center stage, with one of those gloriously sweet voices that reminds you of Enya until you realize that Sullivan doesn't need fleets of multi-track recorders to get her effects....To achieve that extra touch of greatness Dancer  makes full use of the accompanying musicians....Congratulations to everybody who contributed to Dancer.
Bruce Gillespie - The Melburnian

"Her originals make her something different. Sullivan happily admits a pop sensibility, so her songs have a lighter touch...a contemporary side with an acceptance, even an affection for an urban life. Sullivan...manages to cross some musically fascist boundaries....It is definitely music of sincerity and quality."
Ross Clelland - Drum Media, (Sydney) Australia

"There is something hypnotic about this disc. Perhaps it's my Celtic ancestry....Music that dances."
Kim Lockwood - Herald Sun, (Melbourne) Australia

"...a woman to be reckoned with, name you will be hearing again and again when people talk about upbeat, innovative and stylistic Celtic music... Empowerment blended with sensuality, Mairéid fulfills the need for just enough traditional Celtic music in Dancer, while adding her more contemporary compositions, all with a considerable pop sensibility. A treasure."
Sirona Knight, Magical Blend, California

"Mairéid is capable of translating her music into a joyous musical adventure which speaks simultaneously of Ireland's past, it's hope for the new millennium and the artist's own belief in the promise of love and our right to be worthy of happiness"
Ben Kettlewell, Alternate Music Press

"One of the aspects that comes across clearly when listening to the entire collection of her music is how talented and original Mairéid is as a songwriter. Enchanting and fascinating songs....How thrilled I was to hear them so perfectly sung here. I play this CD softly as I'm falling into sleep...then I know myself to be loved eternally."
Maureen Williams, Keltic Fringe, Pennsylvania

 "She can sound sultry. - sweet - playful - wistful, or etheric... the listener can feel why some songs still have the power to pull on your heartstrings hundreds of years after they were first sung...."
Dan Liss, Aquarius Magazine, Georgia

"First there was Enya, then Loreena McKennit, and now Maireid Sullivan brings it on home with her debut solo CD....Sullivan bravely and with delicate sensitivity presents her contemporary Celtic pop-fusion originals alongside fresh arrangements of traditional Celtic repertoire. With the poise of an elder and the delight of a maiden, this sparkling singer mesmerizes us."
GH, Napra Review, Washington

"Singer/Songwriter Maireid Sullivan spreads her light to the world through the medium of Celtic Music. In her first album, Dancer , she blends a combination of traditional and original tunes in a seamless flow....The lyrics are infused with a Celtic spirit and the universal philosophies of love and freedom. At a time of re-emerging Celtic culture, we are reminded that "the roots of history and memory are buried deep in song." She sings with a voice filled with passion, mystery and wisdom. She sings of creating a better world, shaping our tomorrow. Reaching for the music of the spheres, with nature as an anchor, she reminds us that life is a dance and we are the dancer."
Kevin Maxwell - Music Manager, The Bodhi Tree Bookstore, Los Angeles

"...Celtic music par excellence."
John O'Regan - Rock 'N' Reel, Limerick Ireland

The Production:

Dancer  was produced by former Planxty and Bothy Band musician Donal Lunny, who was joined in the recording studio by Planxty colleague Andy Irvine. Donal Lunny, who has an outstanding reputation for his work as a producer and musician, came from Ireland to Australia to produce this, his first Australian recording.

The music was recorded and mixed in Melbourne, Australia by Doug Brady who has twice won the Australian Recording Industry Award (ARIA) "Australian Engineer of the Year" award.